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We are fully insurance company approved and pride ourselves on handling any claim from start to finish returning your split screen to you in as good or better condition than it was before the accident.


In the last year we have built a fast road race drag bus that preferred to sit up on its rear wheels than get down the drag strip in the time we wanted, but we had fun doing it and learnt a lot .


We have imported a number of splits from USA and are familiar with all the paperwork required including the DVLA registration process .


We love splits and we love working on them ( most of the time ) so if you want top quality work at a fair price give us a call or send us an email




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The fastest air cooled split screen panel van in the  World with an amazing time of 11.2 seconds for a 1/4 mile

www.mrsbugs.com www.autocrafteng.co.uk www.julianhunt.net